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3 x 3 x 3


Conceptual Design Esquisse (2 weeks)

2019 Semester 1

3rd Year Bachelor of Design

Within an imaginary cube of 3 x 3 x 3m, this project deals with the threshold between the private and semi-public nature of a library.


There were two physical constraints:
1. it is located at one corner of a 4 x 4 grid library city
2. it has two fixed portals connected to two adjacent cubes
It is my library, but also everyone’s library and walkway. 
I focused on the link between how we recognise books, movement, and the circulation that informs the spatial composition.
Artboard 10@300x.png

How we recognise books

The conventional representation of books on shelves only offers graphical information about books through spines or front covers.
If one of the uniquenesses of hardcopy books is the form and physicality, bookshelves need to be designed to bring them out.
Bookshelves here are designed to encompass the axial rotations in x and y directions, responding to the beauty of hardcopy books.
Artboard 8@300x.png



Artboard 3@300x.png


Two portals are connected by radiating stairs with landings
Artboard 5@300x.png


Bookshelves are curved and sloping at one end. angled plates visualise the twisted movement of books.
Artboard 4@300x.png


Rooftop is a personal reading space. Bookshelves extend above the roof for private storage.
Artboard 9@300x.png


Artboard 11@300x.png
Artboard 6@300x.png


Artboard 11@300x.png
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